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​ Powerful blood detoxifier
 Cleanses the body from harmful substances and metabolic waste
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​ 100% organic & vegan
​ ​Complies with the highest standards of the EU food & drug regulations
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 Optimal herb combination saves you time and money
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Did you know that as you are reading this your body is full of millions of harmful toxins?
Let’s face it – no matter how healthy you try to live, they are everywhere.
Unless you are living in a remote mountain area, when getting back from work or taking a walk with your friend you breathe air that is even deadlier than cigarettes. UK scientists estimate air pollution cuts British people's lives by an average of six months (1) and The World Health Organization says air pollution causes the death of seven million people a year (2).
And it gets worse – regardless of your efforts to stay on a healthy diet even the healthiest food is infested with chemicals and pathogens that accumulate in your body over the years due to the mass production methods of the food industry. A lot of the food you eat can’t be processed properly in the body because of the non-organic ingredients and artificial way it has been produced. Since it can’t be digested fully it starts rotting in the body, producing toxins, slags and harmful microorganisms.
But on top of that, not only do you consume toxins through the air, food and water, but also through your skin. Most of the cosmetics nowadays contain plenty of chemicals that get absorbed in the body and stay there for good.
And this all happens if you are trying to have a healthy lifestyle. Imagine what goes in your body if you also smoke, consume alcohol, coffee, or indulge in junk food eating?
The result is that our bodies are slowly, but surely damaged with every passing day. Dr. Joseph Pizzorno from the Bastyr University and The Institute of Natural Medicine points out the 8 main ways toxins damage the body (3):
  • ​Toxins displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones
  • ​Toxins damage the organs
  • ​Toxins damage DNA, which increases the rate of aging and degeneration
  • ​Toxins modify gene expression
  • ​Toxins damage cell membranes so they don’t respond properly
  • ​Toxins interfere with hormones and cause imbalances
  • ​Toxins impair your ability to detoxify, creating a vicious cycle 
Obviously even if you try to stop all the bad habits like smoking or drinking you can’t stop breathing or eating. The accumulation of toxins in your body is inevitable. 
We have a natural way of cleansing, but as Dr. Joseph Pizzorno points out, the more toxins you accumulate, the less your body is able to naturally get rid of them. 
And if it can’t manage on it’s own, then it needs external help…
Detoxing has been known to have immense health benefits for thousands of years. It has been practiced in Ancient Greece, China, the Native American cultures and is one of the key concepts in the Indian Ayurveda.
If you can’t stop exposing yourself to artificial chemicals or eating food that leads to processes of rotting and accumulation of harmful microorganisms in the blood, then detoxification obviously is one of the best ways to improve your health, appearance and increase lifespan.
Here are some of the benefits of detoxing the body
More Energy
After working, commuting and doing house chores you might find yourself left with no energy for your loved ones or the activities you enjoy. If that is the case, then you will probably benefit from a body detox as it is proven to increase energy and productivity levels, thus helping you do more work and at the same time enjoy your free time to the fullest.
Slows Down Skin Aging
Detoxing helps you slow down both the visible and inner signs of aging by reducing toxins that contribute to the skin and inner organs damage. That means that you will both feel and look younger by just cleansing your body!
Helps Control Cravings
Have you been trying to restrain yourself from eating that donut on the way back from work, only to fail each time? Well, you might not be to blame! There is scientific proof that some widespread form of yeast like candida can actually control your desire for unhealthy food! According to Dr. Axe, doctor of natural medicine and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition, your sugar cravings could be a sign of fungus infection (4).
Better Immune System
When your body is not filled with bacteria, yeast or environmental toxins, the immune system has the chance to do what it was created for – keeping you healthy!
Helps With Weight Loss
If you have been trying to lose weight for a while, but despite all the restrictive diets and painful workouts you haven’t had the success you desire, then it is possible that your body is clogged with toxins. You might just need to get rid of them to enjoy the benefits of all of your hard work!
Healthy Organs
Supports the health of other vital organs like kidneys, liver, lungs, thus naturally improving your whole-body health. 
Better And Clearer Thinking
Years of science have proven that you can’t have a healthy brain and a clear mind without a healthy body. So if you are not able to concentrate during the day as much as you wish or have used to, then may be it is time to think about detoxing your body in order to achieve the results in you desire.
Clearer and better looking skin
You can use the most elaborate skincare regimes, but if your body is filled with harmful microorganisms and chemicals, you’ll still experience skin problems. A detox is one of the surefire ways to clear up your skin!
More Balanced Emotions
Stress causes a vicious cycle – the more we have of it (and in our society there’s surely no shortage), the more toxins are released in our blood. And the more toxic our body is, the more our hormones will be out of balance, causing emotional turbulence, wreaking havoc in our relationships and mental wellbeing.
So, as you can see, there are numerous benefits of detoxing your body.
But how to achieve that?
You might have thought about doing some of the popular detox diets or even tried one..
The first problem is that If you've tried you know how hard following strictly such a diet is. And if you haven't, here are some of the unpleasant (to say the least) side effect awaiting for you:
 Low energy in the first stages of the diet.
 Disrupted sleep
 Cravings. Remember that donut we spoke about? When you have only had one juice for the whole day it starts looking really, really attractive
 Total change in your diet, meaning also total change in your lifestyle, limiting your freedom and disrupting your daily routines.
The second problem is that the popular detoxing diets do not actually remove most of the harmful microorganisms that infest our body.
Recent research of a scientific team has proven the presence of many toxic microorganisms in our blood consistence. These insignificant pests can often be disease-causing, and the substances that they emit, such as lactic acid, bad cholesterol, various toxins and some others are rotting in our blood, causing serious poisoning and many serious diseases...
In addition, these microorganisms feed on the beneficial substances in our blood intended to supply our body cells. In some cases they literally turn into bloodsuckers, eating our erythrocytes and leukocytes.
So even if you manage to go through the ordeal of a "detox diet", these nasty microorganisms aren't likely to go away from your blood.

“Detoxification diets are popular, but there is little evidence that they eliminate toxins from your body” (5)

Katherine Zeratsky, Mayo Clinic’s dietitian, certified in dietetics by the state of Minnesota and the American Dietetic Association 
So, as you already know, detoxing is good for your health, appearance and mental and physical energy.

At the same time, detoxing diets are extremely hard to do and science has proven there is little evidence they actually remove harmful microorganisms and toxins from your body. 
How do we solve that conflict??
Well, as the old saying goes, “nature has already created a remedy for everything, we just have to discover it”. What a lot of the ancient civilizations have learned a long time ago is that Mother Nature has given us thousands of herbs that can remedy most of the issues our bodies might face.

Of course, this is not a very convenient fact for the huge and wealthy pharmaceutical industry, which is why they keep it hidden from you...

But in recent years the combination of ancient knowledge and modern science has given rise to a new industry that has created organic and completely natural herbal remedies.

We believe it is our mission to help your body cleanse and heal itself in the most natural way possible!
  • ​Powerful blood detoxifier
  • ​Cleanses the body from harmful substances and metabolic waste
  • ​More effective than any detox diet
  • ​100% organic & vegan
  • ​Complies with the highest standards of the EU food & drug regulations
  • ​Best absorption compared to all other types of supplements
  • ​Optimal herb combination saves you time and money
This unique herbal blend combines 6 of the most powerful blood detoxifying herbs on the planet in a single product so that you don’t have to search, buy and prepare the herbs and ingredients individually!
It also saves you from all the suffering and headache associated with going through some “detox diet”, which as you already saw isn’t that effective. You just take a teaspoon and get the benefits of a much healthier and cleaner blood!
"Best detoxing supplement I have taken in my life!" 
Sarah M., 28, from Ipswich
"In just a few short months the Clear Blood Tincture removed all of my skin problems and improved both my and my husband's overall health! We recommend it to all of our friends!" 
Linda G., 56, from Glasgow
Why focus on purifying the blood?
Our blood is a major transporter of waste products from the cells and organs of our body to the systems responsible for the excretory processes. In order to activate these processes, it is necessary first and foremost to cleanse the blood from the harmful substances accumulated in it.
Unique in its composition and action, the Clear Blood Tincture has proven itself as a powerful detoxifier of the blood and the whole organism. The multilevel body cleansing model, which is often applied in the last years, passes through several basic phases, including cleansing of the liver, colon and other organs, but the first and major step in this model is blood detox.
The Clear Blood Tincture helps with cleansing your blood from slags, toxins, pathogens, any harmful microorganisms and parasites. Positively affects severe skin diseases and allergies, gout, anemia and others. It also helps reduce the bad cholesterol.
Tinctures are made from small amounts of ethyl alcohol, water and different combination of herbs. They are the best way to extract and preserve the healing ingredients of the plants.
Liquid extracts are the best choice for you to protect or heal your body, because they can be rapidly absorbed by your blood and lymph. Being cold extracted, tinctures preserve the powerful ingredients of the herbs.
This is why we offer you this potent blood detoxing supplement as a tincture rather than pills like most of the other supplement companies do.
This way you will also be saving money because the concentration of the ingredients and the absorption rate are way higher than that of the pills, giving you way more value per dose than any other supplement on the market!
White Yarrow
Also known as “Achillea Millefolium”, White Yarrow's the name comes from the mythical Greek character, Achilles, who reportedly carried it with his army to treat battle wounds.

 The herb is an indispensable means for purification of the blood and a strong detoxifier of the body. It has the ability to regulate blood circulation and to recover the circulatory system. Science has proven that it helps in the fight against bacteria and viruses and also promotes digestion and detoxification (6).

Apart from the ancient Greeks, another culture known for its use of natural remedies took advantage of this powerful herb. A tea used by the Native Americans to cure stomach disorders was made by steeping the leaves of white yarrow.

"Extracts of White Yarrow have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties"

Dr Axe, doctor of natural medicine and co-founder of Ancient Nutrition
There isn't a better natural alternative to synthetic antibiotics than cloves. It is a powerful cleanser, one of the most active antioxidants and a proven antiseptic.

 According to our philosophy, if you can achieve a desired effect in a natural and organic way, you should always choose to do so. For everyone who is seeking a way to avoid putting antibiotics in their body, it is one of the best choices possible.
Although its name is commonly thought to come from this herb’s ability to kill intestinal parasites, "Wormwood" has been speculated to come from the Anglo Saxon word “wermode”, meaning “mind preserver”. Any herb that has a name like that should spark some interest! 

 The wormwood has definitely been the object of a lot of studies in the scientific community. It has proven antiparasitic and anti-inflammatory qualities and also supports great liver health, which is one of the key detoxifying organs of the body.
You have probably eaten one or two walnuts in your life. But did you know it has a proven anti-inflammatory and toning effect on the body and also antimicrobial and antifungal activity ?

In an observational study for over 18 years in more than 50,000 senior women, scientists found that those with the healthiest diets had a 13% lower risk of physical impairment (7). Walnuts were among the foods that made the strongest contribution to a healthy diet.

That means that it will aid you in the fight against harmful metabolic waste and the free radicals, helping you stay and feel younger and healthier.

"High antioxidant activity"

According to Pubmed, the walnut has higher antioxidant activity than any other common nut! (8)
Lemon Balm
Lemon balm is rich in essential oils with a pronounced pain-relieving, immune stimulating and antioxidant effect. 

According to studies done in 2004 and 2014 this wonderful herb has also shown to significantly reduce stress and anxiety and improve cognitive function (9), (10).
Bitter Orange
It is among the most powerful purifiers of the blood and the body and has a proven antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic effect. 

Apart from that, the bitter orange also helps with weight loss, which is of course a great additional benefit if you are trying to lose a few extra pounds!
These ingredients are either gathered manually by our enthusiastic team from the virgin forests and mountains of Mother Nature or grown in a completely natural and organic way.
There is no GMO or artificial products used in the tincture since we as a company stand and always will firmly against their use!
The Clear Blood Tincture is manufactured in the European Union and complies with the highest standards of the EU food and drug regulations.

You can have a piece of mind knowing this product is both extremely powerful, 100% organic and absolutely safe.

Tod S., 46, from London, says

"I had high cholesterol levels and atherosclerosis too. My arteries had started to form plaques on their walls and it was quite dangerous for my heart. I was looking for a natural cleansing remedy when I found out about the Clear Blood Tincture. The name sounded good to me and I had decided to try it. Six months later I already have a healthy cholesterol levels and my arteries are a lot healthier, just like my whole body!"

Lidiya P., 35, who lives in Manchester, says

"I am so gratefull that I found “Clear Blood Tincture”! It saved me from a quite heavy surgery. I had nine cysts – four at the right ovary and five on the left one. The gynecologist told me I have only one month to decide what to do with my ovaries. A friend of mine told me about the tincture and I decided to try it. I had nothing to lose! A month later I went to my doctor with aching heart. She was amazed – my ovaries were totally clear and all the cysts had disappeared! It was a kind of miracle to me! I went on with the tincture. I took it every day for four months and today I am a healthy and happy woman! Thank you so much!

Tina L., 38, from Coventry, says

"Intestinal parasites, allergic attacks and skin rashes - I had taken all these troubles away with just one product – CLEAR BLOOD TINCTURE! Six months two times a day and now I can say I feel good just like never before! Taste it and you will find out first hand!"
They all wanted a better, organic and easy way to detox their body and improve their health and well-being and found it in our Clear Blood Tincture. Now you can too! Don't miss your chance...
100% Money Back Guarantee!
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We stand behind our product and we are sure that it will be one of the best nutritional purchases in your life. 
Try it out for 60 days and if it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get your money back! 
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There is absolutely no risk in giving it a try!
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The "Ultimate Detox" Plan
(Most popular and recommended by us)
Taking the recommended dosage twice a day.
This plan will give you a faster, more powerful detoxifying effect.
(One bottle lasts for 15 days)
The “Normal Detox” plan
Taking the recommended dosage once a day.
(One bottle lasts for 30 days)
The Clear Blood Tincture's great health benefits are best felt after at least 3 months of usage. We recommend using the tincture for at least 3 months twice a day or 6 months once a day to feel it's power and give it enough time to detoxify your blood. But the best results are from customers who create the habit of taking the tincture all year long.

This is the minimum time you need in order to dramatically improve your health and longevity. Due to the nature of the polluted world we live in if you are planning to use the tincture for only couple of months and then stop, we strongly recommend doing such a detox at least once per year.

Remember, we are all fighting for a natural way of keeping our body healthy. Forget about the "5 day detox" or "2 weeks weight loss" lies that are being sold to you every day.

By making the Clear Blood Tincture part of your daily routine you are creating the best conditions for your health to flourish!
 So, what price would you put on a better looking, healthier and more energized version of you? 

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Margaret J., 48, Manchester
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 Have in mind that the purpose of this tincture is to improve your long term health and you most likely will not feel extremely noticeable results in just couple of days. The goal of the Clear Blood Tincture is to slowly but surely detox your blood and body, not act as a momentary physical / mental booster.
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