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Our Mission
At Wonder Herb we are dedicated to spreading the word among the people who want to live a healthier, more natural life that there is a way out of the grip of the modern pharmaceutical industry. We believe that a lof of the synthetic drugs that we are all so used to taking can be replaced with organic and natural remedies that come directly from nature's herbs and plants. 

Our mission is to teach people who are interested in healthy and organic food and lifestyle how to use the long forgotten power of herbal tinctures and remedies to improve their health, uplift their energy and help them escape the trap of the modern pharmaceutical industry!

We are here to provide you with the tools to live a more productive, happier and healthier life. 

Will you join our movement?
The story of a healthy partnership...
Wonder Herb is an official and exclusive distributer of the Vita Herbality trademark, owned by A-JAR Ltd, which is one of the largest and most awarded manufacturers of clean, organic, healthy herbal products. Behind the brand there are long years of hard work of a group of enthusiastic professionals, who decided to revive the almost forgotten, but still alive to these days and centuries-old Bulgarian traditions in treatment with herbs. 

The main aim of our team is to constantly update and expand the range of natural products, looking for the best possible formulas, solutions and combinations in the name of our customers’ good health and longevity. Entirely devoted to the idea of natural prophylaxis and treating of the body, we are convinced that the eternal beauty and health are hidden in the precious gifts of Mother Nature, which she so generously provides us.

The herbs which our products are made of are all either manually gathered from wild forests and mountains or grown in a 100% natural, organic way in dedicated farms. We stand and always will against GMO or artificial products, so it is 100% guaranteed that we don't and never will use them for our herbal remedies.
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